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October 27, 2008

Ways to Compare .NET Assemblies

Sometimes comparing source code is not a viable option, and one has to resort to comparing assemblies (hopefully not obfuscated) to find out what is new, what has changed and what is removed. This kind of activity can be useful in many ways:

  1. Determine what amount of work was done between two releases
  2. Estimate the impact of the changes (e.g. what is needed to be retested).
  3. Spend some work time doing playing with such amusing stuff :)

But how could you do it:

Commercial Tools

NDepend - I have only watched their video and it is impressive. Unfortunately the trial version does not support build comparison, so you should buy the product to try it for yourself. It is a pretty feature rich product that you can use for a variety of reasons.

Bitdiffer - This sole purpose of this tool is comparing assemblies. It lacks some of the NDepend visualizations goodness, but is nevertheless an excellent tool. You might use its GUI application as well as its command line version to automate your work.

Poor Man's Tools

Reflector Diff AddIn - We all love Reflector and this is one of its useful addins. You can either view the differences or you can have a XML report.

Framework Design Studio - There is a short review here. Unfortunately the tool does not work with all assemblies and I can't report good results with it.